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  • SmileMe Photobooth function

    • What is SmileMe Photobooth and how does it work?
      SmileMe Photobooth is an installation for automatic photography and instant photo printing, ideal for events such as weddings, christenings, receptions, corporate events, conferences, advertising campaigns, etc. Its operation is very simple. Less than 1 minute is needed to choose the accessories of your choice, to smile in its lens and immediately afterwards to receive the printed photostrip with your photos.
    • What is a digital screen (green screen)?
      Digital screen (green screen) is a technology used in SmileMe Photobooth and involves the use of a special photographic green background which when printed digitally is replaced with the background of your choice.
    • What is a photostrip?
      Photostrip is the final photo printed by SmileMe Photobooth, which has a dimension of 5x15 cm and depicts 3 different photo frames in a row. The outline of the photos and the space around them can be graphically shaped with colors and designs of your choice.
    • How many photos are printed in each photo shoot session?
      Each photo shoot includes 3 different poses which are captured on a photostrip with graphics of your choice. For each photostrip 2 copies are printed simultaneously.
    • When do guests receive their photos?
      The photos are printed immediately after the photo process is complete and your guests receive their photos directly from SmileMe Photobooth.
    • How many people can be photographed at the same time in SmileMe Photobooth?
      Ideally the capacity of SmileMe Photobooth is from 1 to 5 people. However, it is not uncommon for 7 or more people in the same pose to be photographed at the same time.
    • How many photos can we take during the event?
      There is no limit to the number of photos during the rental period. The use of SmileMe Photobooth is unlimited throughout its operation.
    • Can the photos be shared immediately on social media or sent by email?
      The instant notification service requires an internet connection at the event venue. If this is not possible, the photos are available in the Online Gallery immediately after the event.

    • What do SmileMe Photobooth rental packages include?
      All SmileMe Photobooth rental packages include the following:
      • · Unlimited use of SmileMe PhotoBooth equipment with instant photo printing
      • · Photostrip printing 5X15cm (2 copies per photo)
      • · Toys, accessories and props
      • · Ability to use photo effects (upon request)
      • · Use of digital background application
      • · Selection of photostrip graphics, digital background and screen
      • · Delivery of photos to a digital file after the event
      • · Case - SmileMe photo folder
      • · Upload photos to the SmileMe Online Gallery with a password
      • · Transportation, installation and uninstallation of equipment by specialized personnel
      • · Continuous presence of specialized staff of 2 people during the event
    • How much does it cost to rent a SmileMe Photobooth?
      The cost is adjusted depending on the rental package and the location of the event. For more information about the packages and the cost of the services, contact us or fill in the special form that you will find on our website and we will contact you soon.
    • To make a reservation, you must fill in the special contact form on our website, with the necessary fields and send it to us. You will then receive a reply email which will include all the necessary information regarding availability, cost as well as instructions for the booking process and the commitment of the date you want.
    • When is a specific date committed?
      To book the date, you must make a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the package you choose, after you have signed the rental agreement.
    • How sooner do I have to make my reservation?
      There is no specific period. The reservation can be made from 2 years up to 2 days before your event, subject to availability. However, if you want to ensure availability, we advise you to book as soon as possible.
    • How many hours should I rent a SmileMe Photobooth?
      Rental times are determined by the package you choose. For your best service, contact us so that we can guide you and together we can find the most suitable package for you according to the type of your event.
    • Can we extend the agreed operating time of SmileMe Photobooth?
      In case the rental period is not enough and you want to extend the operating time of SmileMe Photobooth, the cost is 50 € + VAT for each additional hour of use.
    • What is the payment method?
      The payment is made either by bank transfer or in cash, after consultation with our competent representative.
    • When is the rental amount paid?
      The payment of the amount is made up to 10 days before the date of the event, according to the rental agreement and after consultation with our competent representative.
    • What happens in case of cancellation?
      According to the terms of the rental agreement signed by both parties, in case the customer cancels, with his written notification to SmileMe the rental of the provided services, before the end of 40 days from the date of the event, he is entitled return of the deposit he has given. If the cancellation is made within 10-40 days from the scheduled date of the event the customer is not entitled to a refund of the deposit.
    • In which places of Greece do you provide rental services?
      SmileMe Photobooth travels all over Greece. However, for destinations outside Corfu and Athens, you may incur additional transportation costs. For your best service, contact us.
    • Can SmileMe Photobooth be used at corporate events?
      SmileMe Photobooth is the ideal advertising choice and can be used at corporate events to promote and promote your company through the photos that your guests will take and through social media. Our equipment can be adapted to the colors and graphics of your company after consultation and your brand name as well as any other information you wish to display, can be printed on the photostrip.

    Installation of SmileMe Photobooth equipment

    • How to install SmileMe Photobooth at the event site?
      The SmileMe team transports and installs the necessary equipment at the event venue before its start, after consultation with you and the venue managers.
    • What is the required space and time to install SmileMe Photobooth?
      The required installation space is 2-3 sq.m. and the required time is 45 '.
    • Can it be installed anywhere?
      SmileMe Photobooth consists of flexible equipment that can be installed and adapted according to the hosting space.
    • Does it have special requirements and installation conditions?
      For safety reasons, SmileMe Photobooth should be installed on stable ground, without slope and in a place protected from the weather (wind, rain). The installation site should have easy access for the transport and installation of equipment as well as electricity supply.
    • Can it be set up outdoors?
      It can be installed outdoors if the above conditions apply and weather conditions allow.
    • Can the equipment be rented unaccompanied?
      SmileMe Photobooth, although autonomous, is always accompanied by specialized staff who are there throughout your event in order to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment but also to guide, help, and encourage even the most shy your guests to smile in front of the lens, take unique poses and create unique photos.
    • What accessories do you provide when renting a SmileMe Photobooth?
      SmileMe Photobooth has a wide range of accessories that includes hats, glasses and props, which are constantly updated and enriched so that your guests can create unique looks and take unique photos.
    • Do you provide props tailored to each event?
      In case you want a specialized accessory or prop, if you inform us in time we can prepare it for you. Some constructions may have an additional charge.
    • Can we have our own accessories?
      You can also bring your own accessories in consultation with the staff of SmileMe Photobooth.

    SmileMe Online Gallery

    • Where can I find the photos online?
      All photos and smiles of your event are available after the event at the SmileMe Online Gallery with a unique password held by those guests who have been photographed at SmileMe Photobooth during the event.
    • Where can I find the event password at SmileMe Online Gallery?
      The password to the online gallery of the event is written on the inside of the folder that was given to you during your photo shoot at SmileMe Photobooth. For security reasons, our team does not send passwords via email. In case you can not find the code please contact the organizers of the event.
    • How to delete photos from SmileMe Online Gallery?
      In case you wish to delete one or more photos from the online gallery of your event, you can send us the code name of the photo you want to delete via email at info@smileme.gr .
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